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About NCS

NCS was founded in 2004 by a retired US Navy Operations Limited Duty Officer / Joint Interface Control Officer. Originally, NCS was created to provide high-quality Tactical Data Link (TDL) training and consulting services, but quickly expanded into software design and development.
NCS is the world's leading provider of Tactical Data Link (TDL) Training, with more than 80 TDL Training Courses. We have trained thousands of operators, engineers, technical and management staff to every level from basic, to expert, to certified technical system operators.
NCS has designed, developed, or consulted on nearly a dozen operational TDL software and smart-phone applications. Our user-friendly / operator-intuitive software is used by forces around the world in a variety of tactical applications. Although widely used as standalone applications, our software is specifically engineered for easy integration into other systems in order to enhance existing programs that lack our unique functionality.
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