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NICO Program Awarded 4.4 Semester Hours

NATO Interface Control Officer (NICO) Training Program Awarded 4.4 Semester Hours

NCS is excited to announce that the NATO Interface Control Officer (NICO) Training program has been awarded 4.4 semester hours.  The inspection team commented how impressed they were with the quality, scope, and depth of the training materials.

We have dedicated thousands of hours developing this program and continuously work to improve every aspect.  The Common Core Curriculum for Tactical Data Links, which is the bedrock for this program, has proven instrumental in the development and delivery of the training.  By focusing on “Global Commonalities” instead of country or service specific system procedures, we are improving operational interoperability one country at a time.  This internationally recognized certification program has more than 200 graduates from 15 nations with more nations joining every year.  Other courses are being evaluated and we hope to have announcements in the near future.


 To register interest in this or other courses, please email director@network-centric.com or visit www.network-centric.com.


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