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Coalition Interface Control Capability

NCS and BAE Systems are pleased to announce the launch of the Coalition Interface Control Capability (CICC).  CICC is a collaborative development project by NCS and BAE Systems that combines the capabilities of existing systems (Multi-TDL Planning System, Network Design Tool, Multi-Link Management System, and AGILE) into a single homogeneous system that is scalable, flexible, and mobile.  When we say mobile, we don’t mean using transit cases, we mean in a backpack.


The CICC, developed to fill the gap left by the cancellation of the JICO Support System (JSS) project, supports every interface control requirement, whether on land, sea, air, or on the move.


CICC supports the following:

·         Link 11

·         Link 16

·         Link 22

·         JREAP

·         Capabilities and Limitations Database

·         Information Exchange Requirements Determination

·         Network Design Request Generation

·         Multi-TDL Network Planning

·         Network Plan Validation

·         OPTASK Link Generation

·         Fully Automated (or manual) Network Design

·         Multi-TDL Network Management

·         Spectrum Monitoring and Management

·         Network Simulation

·         Warfighter Training 


The CICC will be demonstrated at the NCS / BAE Gold Stand at IDLS 2013 in Norfolk, Virginia 23-25 October.  Please come by and have a look.  For more information about CICC, please email Patrick Pierson (director@network-centric.com) or Paul Morris (paul.morris3@baesystems.com).

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