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NATO Interface Control Officer Training Update

NCS has just completed the 11th NATO Interface Control Officer (NICO) Training Program, hosted by the UK Joint Data Link Management Organisation. As always, we had international participation with students from air, naval, and ground forces, fostering joint and coalition interoperability.


In an effort to ensure relevance to the international community, we have added JFAR, JCM, and JAR message drafting to the course curriculum. We have also revised the final hands‐on scenario, with the aim to ensure that NICO graduates are able to support the planning, design, and management of complex combat operations. The final NICO practical evaluation is a 2.5 day complex hands‐on exercise with nearly 100 air, naval, and ground forces from 9 different nations.


For more information about this program, please email director@networkcentric.com.

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