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MIDS/JTIDS Coordination Message and Forecast Activity Report Generator

NCS has completed development of the MIDS/JTIDS Coordination Message and Activity Report Generator (J3G). J3G is designed to quickly and easily generate the MIDS/JTIDS Coordination Message (JCM), MIDS/JTIDS Forecast Activity Report (JFAR), as well as the MIDS/JTIDS Activity Report (JAR) messages using an operator intuitive interface.

J3G includes a message generation wizard to allow the operator to quickly generate, save, import, export, or modify JCM, JFAR, and JAR messages. J3G allows the operator to save message templates, which can modified to support rapid message generation as well as the conversion of JCM to JFAR.

J3G software supports every segment, set, field, and format option specified in Annex C of the European MIDS/JTIDS Cross-Border Coordination Standard Operating Procedures, and is one of the software components designed to support the Link 16 Pulse Planning System and Global Deconfliction Server.

J3G software is available for purchase or for a low annual license fee with no associated maintenance costs, drastically reducing the cost of the software.

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