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Link 16 Advanced and Network Enabled Weapons Training

NCS is hosting a three-day Link 16 Advanced course followed by a one-day Link 16 Network Enabled Weapons training course in Columbia, MD. Due to the technical nature of the Network Enabled Weapons course, the Link 16 Advanced course is a prerequisite for this training.

Date: Link 16 Advanced – 30 March-1 April

Date: Link 16 Network Enabled Weapons – 2 April

Location: Columbia, Maryland

Link 16 Advanced Course Description: The Link 16 Advanced course contains 30 instructional modules that cover the full breadth of Link 16 topics. This is our most popular course, which has been taught more than 100 times. It is especially useful to Link 16 engineers and those that require an in-depth understanding of the technical aspects of Link 16 and Link 16 terminals (JTIDS, MIDS, JTRS, STT, TTR, etc.).

Link 16 Network Enabled Weapons Course Description: The Link 16 Network Enabled Weapons Course, which is delivered in conjunction with the Link 16 Intermediate or Advanced training courses, provides an in-depth description of the operational capabilities, design, message structure, and implementation requirements associated with this advanced weapons program.

Follow-On Support: All students receive one-year of instructor support which entitles them to contact their instructor with course related questions for one-year.

Additional Information
For a detailed course agenda, cost, or venue, please contact director@network-centric.com.

To register for the course email: director@network-centric.com

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