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Multi-TDL Planning System Integrated into Joint Range Extension Gateway Software

NCS and Engility are pleased to announce their partnership to integrate the Multi-TDL Planning System (MTPS) into the Joint Range Extension Gateway (JRE). MTPS supports the operational planning requirements for Link 11A, Link 11B, Link 16, JREAP, Link 1, ATDL-1, SADL, and Satellite Links. MTPS is also being upgraded to include Link 22 and VMF.

JRE, a joint program of record with more than 1400 fielded systems throughout the USA and allied/NATO countries, is the only TDL Gateway able to claim the lowest data loss and latency of any fielded data link gateway. Moreover, JRE provides superior TDL processor performance as the only gateway featuring smart forwarding, data loop protection, and a processing capacity >20,000 tracks.

MTPS is the only system capable of generating a 100% validated OPTASK Link in USMTF and NATO formats with the click of a button. MTPS was designed by a retired Joint Interface Control Officer (JICO) so users can quickly navigate the screens using terminology and processes common to TDL operators. MTPS also supports ATO, ACO, JCM, JFAR, and JAR messages, as well as supporting the development of the Network Design Request. When linked in a JRE network, MTPS supports collaborative planning, re-planning, and OPTASK Link dissemination in a truly network centric environment.

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