Tactical Data Link Software and Training Experts

MIDS Baseline Upgrade 2 (BU2) and CMN - 4 Training Course

NCS has completed the development of a new one-day training course that focusses on the major Link 16 improvements that will come with the MIDS Baseline Upgrade 2 (BU2) and MIDS JTRS terminals.

This training can be delivered as a “bolt-on” to a Link 16 Intermediate or Advanced course, or as a one-day training event. NCS will deliver this training during the IDLS Training Day on 3 November at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa, Canada.

Course Description

In order to ensure Link 16 viability and interoperability for the years ahead,a major upgrade that affects MIDS terminal software, hardware, and the host is in the works.

These enhancements will greatly increase the capability, capacity, flexibility, and security of MIDS terminals well into the future.

This one-day training course breaks down these changes into easy to understand terminology and graphics and will provide a description of new Link 16 terminals (JTRS, STT, TTR, and WDL).

This training is suitable for operators, engineers, and other Link 16 professionals (beginners and experts) that would like to have a greater understanding about these complex changes and the future of Link 16.

Course Agenda

  • Baseline Upgrade 2
  • Link 16 Enhanced Throughput Introduction
  • Link 16 Enhanced Throughput Details
  • Standard Link 16 Waveform Generation Process
  • Time Slot Components
  • Link 16 Enhanced Throughput Error Detection and Correction
  • Convolutional Encoding
  • LET Message Structure
  • Link 16 Enhanced Throughput Header
  • Link 16 Enhanced Throughput Message Body
  • Communications Security
  • Crypto Modernization
  • Frequency Remapping
  • Multi-Nets / Stacked-Nets
  • Concurrent Multi-Netting
  • Access Modes
  • Concurrent Contention Receive
  • Configuration Options
  • Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS)
  • Small Tactical Terminal (STT)
  • TacNet Tactical Radio (TTR)
  • Weapons Data Link (WDL) Terminal

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