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Multi-TDL Planning System (MTPS) Version 2.0 Official Release

Network Centric Solutions (NCS) and Interoperability Systems International Hellas S.A. (ISI Hellas) announce the official release of the Multi-Tactical Data Link Planning System (MTPS) Version 2.0. The improvements rolled out in Version 2.0 are based on actual operator input coupled with two-years of research and planning into how the multi-TDL planning process could be streamlined and enhanced. Patrick Pierson, NCS Managing Director, stated "Our user-friendly, operator intuitive interface allows operators to rapidly and accurately perform 100% of the planning process without the need to consult any reference materials (ADatP-3, ADatP-33, STANAG 5516, STANAG 5511, Frequency Clearance Agreements, etc.). Further, our revised pricing is designed to streamline the acquisition process, as it is below the competitive acquisition requirement for many nations".

MTPS Version 2.0 includes an updated Human Machine Interface (HMI) and functional upgrades such as:

  • Streamlined HMI flow
  • Improved Capabilities and Limitations Database
  • Improved Participants Database
  • Addition of Address Processor
  • Enhancements to OPTASK Link generation
  • Enhanced plan validation
  • Enhanced Multi-TDL Planning Checklist
  • Enhanced Link 16 planning capabilities
  • Enhancements to the Geographic Display that include:
    • Rapid Area creation
    • Geographic Display annotation capability
    • New and improved symbol set
    • New Geographic Display Toolbar and Toolbox