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Coalition Interface Control Capability

Today's wars are being waged against an unconventional enemy in challenging environments. The exchange of critical near real-time information among air, land and sea forces is more important than ever. The teams that plan, design, and manage the complex architectures that support coalition operations need to be as mobile and flexible as the forces they support. The Coalition Interface Control Capability (CICC) is a joint BAE, TCG, NCS, and DLS project that delivers the only flexible, scalable, and portable interface control solution available. CICC fuses the proven capabilities of existing software into a single homogenous system.

CICC supports the following critical capabilities:

Coalition Interface Control Capability Summary

Multi-TDL Planning System (MTPS) - MTPS is the most advanced Tactical Data Link planning tool available. MTPS uses COTS technology to deliver a platform-independent, open-architecture system that is affordable, user-friendly, and operator-intuitive. A single operator can plan complex multi-TDL architectures and generate validated OPTASK Links in US and NATO formats in minutes instead of days. No other planning system is as well-tested or complete. In use since 2008, MTPS has been tested and integrated with Network Management tools, Network Simulation and Training tools, and has been integrated into the JRE-Gateway, a US Program of Record with more than 1400 fielded systems.

Multi-Link Manager (MLM) - MLM allows users to quickly correct network problems or implement new plans without having a negative impact on network performance or efficiency. MLM allows users to plan, evaluate, participate, monitor, assess and compare all aspects of multi-link operations, including Link 11, Link 16 and IJMS. MLM also enables the monitoring of concurrent or multiple networks for FCA compliance.

Ground Tactical Data Link System (GTS) - GTS is a transportable, fully functional Tactical Data Link (TDL) ground station with Command and Control (C2) capabilities, and is a highly realistic tactical training and simulation system for TDL networks. Selection of the GTS to fulfill the Ground Support System (GSS) program requirements is a testament to its ability to meet the stringent needs of US coalition forces. Using GTS, military air operators can easily create live operational Link 11, Link 16, SADL, and TTNT networks from the ground and provide highly efficient, cost-effective and realistic TDL training, allowing operators to "train as they fight" and get military forces ready for real combat. Military air units are now able to lower mission training costs, eliminating substantial fuel and operational costs associated with having jets in the air in order to provide this training.

Battlefield Operations Support System (BOSS) - BOSS is the top-selling standards compliant TDL simulation and test software solution on the market. It allows government test organizations, industry systems providers and military R&D organizations to reliably and consistently certify tactical data link implementations to assure interoperability and conformance with military standards.

AGILE - AGILE is BAE Systems' Tactical Data Link (TDL) test, simulation, emulation and training product. AGILE is an internationally-proven TDL test, simulation, emulation and training product which helps ensure this information exchange can take place successfully when it's most needed. AGILE is designed to rapidly, and cost effectively, simulate real life operational scenarios in a controlled multi-link network. With AGILE you can make sure that in the operational environment, all TDL enabled platforms can work together thus improving mission effectiveness and minimising through-life platform support costs.

Network Design Tool (NDT) - NDT was designed to meet the unique requirements of new Link 16 nations and inexperienced Network Designers. NDT was designed with the user in mind. Its operator-intuitive configurable interface puts everything up front. There are no hidden windows or backdoor data entry areas. Moreover, NDT is the only Link 16 Network Design system that enables fully automatic Network Design functionality.

TacNet Tactical Radio (TTR) - The DLS TacNet Tactical Radio is the smallest, most affordable Link 16 terminal available today. At one-fourth the size and weight of current Link 16 terminals, it provides critical network connectivity to platforms that traditionally have not had access to the network. Built on a solid foundation of combat proven data link systems technology from the world's leading Link 16 manufacturer, TTR provides critical connectivity for platforms that traditionally lacked Link 16 access, such as UAS, Tactical Air Control Party (TACP), mobile and transportable ground stations, rotary wing, small maritime assets and transport aircraft.

CICC Scalability - CICC was designed with the understanding that different organizations have different requirements. Some organizations will not require a Network Design capability, while others will not need terminals, etc. These varying requirements were the inspiration for the scalability of CICC. The basic CICC capability includes multi-TDL Network Planning, OPTASK Link generation, and Link 16 Network Monitoring and Management. All other capabilities described herein can be added to the system as required.

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