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INDE Processing Program

Making the Unusable Usable.

Anyone that has ever viewed International Network Design Exchange (INDE) / NETMAN T/1 files or platform Initialization Data Sets knows that these files are very complex and not user friendly. The INDE Processing Program (IPP) allows operators to import and view INDE files, modify platform Initialisation Data Sets, and validate modified INDE files. Moreover, IPP exports INDE data into XML format. Now any system that requires Network Design information for initialisation or operation can rapidly import and utilise this information without risk of operator error. IPP is a unique product designed to address NETMAN T/1 problems and the frequent requirement for Network Design Facilities to modify INDE files.


NETMAN T/1 Issues


Requirements to amend INDE Files

In addition to INDE file modifications necessary to support Option Pools, Network Designers often require the ability to modify INDE files.


INDE Parsing Program Benefits



Product Images

INDE Header Dislay
msec variable data
new slot assgn
non time slot paramaters
platform summary display
pool block daa
rapid insert new slot assignment
rapid insertion tsrpool
relay slot assignment
raw inde file display
time slot assignment
time slot reallocation
reserved block data
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