Tactical Data Link Software and Training Experts

Multi-TDL Planning System (MTPS)

MTPS is the most advanced Tactical Data Link planning tool available. MTPS uses COTS technology to deliver a platform-independent, open-architecture system that is affordable, user-friendly, and operator-intuitive.

No other planning system is as well-tested or complete. In use since 2008, MTPS has been tested and integrated with Network Management tools, Network Simulation and Training tools, and has been integrated into the JRE-Gateway, a US Program of Record with more than 1400 fielded systems.

Key Features

  • ADatP-3 Baselines 13.1, 14, 15, and USMTF
  • Automatic OPTASK Link Generation
  • Capabilities and Limitations Database
  • TDL Planning Wizard
  • Information Exchange Requirements Database
  • Import / Modify OPTASK Links
  • Import / Modify Existing Plans
  • Participants Database
  • Unit / Track Address Processor
  • Geographic Planning Tool
  • Network Design Request Tool
  • Link 16 Radiation Restrictions Support
  • TSDF Calculator
  • Networked TDL Architecture Monitor
  • ATO / ACO Support

TDL Support

  • Link 16
  • Link 22
  • Link 11A
  • Link 11B
  • VMF
  • Link 1
  • ATDL-1
  • SADL
  • IJMS
  • Satellite Links


Product Images

graphic display
Capability Detail
address processor
Information Exchange
Link11 Plan
Link16 Plan
Optask Link
optask Output
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