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"Lack of imagination is the only obstacle to innovation."

Other Software

Since 2004, NCS has delivered industry-leading software to the TDL community. Never satisfied with the status quo, we continuously look for innovative ways to improve everything we do.

Multi-TDL Planning System (MTPS)

MTPS has been utilized by operational forces around the globe since 2008 to rapidly plan complex multi-TDL operations and to generate a valid OPTASK Link in multiple formats. MTPS uses COTS technology to deliver a platform-independent, open-architecture system that is affordable, user-friendly, and operator-intuitive. MTPS is being upgraded to the Advanced Link Planning System (ALPS). Key features include:

  • ADatP-3 Baselines 13.1, 14, 15, and USMTF
  • Automatic OPTASK Link Generation
  • Capabilities and Limitations Database
  • TDL Planning Wizard
  • Information Exchange Requirements Database
  • Import / Modify OPTASK Links
  • Import / Modify Existing Plans
  • Participants Database
  • Unit / Track Address Processor
  • Geographic Planning Tool
  • Network Design Request Tool
  • Link 16 Radiation Restrictions Support
  • TSDF Calculator
  • Networked TDL Architecture Monitor
  • ATO / ACO Support


Improved TSDF Calculator

The Improved TSDF Calculator (ITC) imports Network Designs and automatically displays TSDF calculations for the Network, Voice, Relay, Stacked Net, and each Initialization Data Set. Users select ID Sets, the number of nets for each Stacked-Net NPG, relay participants, etc., allowing the operator to quickly generate the most accurate TSDF calculation possible. ITC has been integrated into the Advanced Link Planning System (ALPS).

Frequency Clearance Agreement Interface

The Frequency Clearance Agreement Interface (FCAI) stores the FCAs of all Link 16 nations enabling users to determine if the planned network usage complies with an FCA. The FCAI supports the determination of cross-border coordination issues by allowing users to evaluate multiple FCAs simultaneously.

FCA Conformance Checker

The FCA Conformance Checker succinctly lists the network parameters and platforms that do not comply with each selected FCA, allowing users to quickly determine the most appropriate network or network configuration for an exercise or operation.

Area TSDF Calculator

The Area TSDF Calculator function enables users to assign participants to predefined areas and instantly view the area and maximum participant TSDF for more than a dozen areas simultaneously.



INDE Processing Program

Anyone that has ever viewed International Network Design Exchange (INDE) / NETMAN T/1 files or platform Initialization Data Sets knows that these files are very complex and not user friendly. The INDE Processing Program (IPP) allows operators to import and view INDE files, modify platform Initialisation Data Sets, and validate modified INDE files. Moreover, IPP exports INDE data into XML format. Now any system that requires Network Design information for initialisation or operation can rapidly import and utilise this information without risk of operator error. IPP is a unique product designed to address NETMAN T/1 problems and the frequent requirement for Network Design Facilities to modify INDE files. INDE has been integrated the Advanced Link Planning System (ALPS).



JCM / JFAR / JAR Generator Software

The JCM, JFAR, and JAR Generator (J3G) provides a user-friendly operator intuitive interface that allows operators to quickly and accurately create JCM, JFAR, or JAR messages in a manner that ensures that messages are complete and valid. J3G supports every segment, set, field, table, data code, composite field, and field format specified in the EJCC Cross-Border Coordination Standard Operating Procedures Version 3 Annex C. It is not possible to create an invalid JCM, JFAR, or JAR message using this software. The software takes into consideration the rules for segments, sets, fields, and content in order to intuitively create a validated message even if the operator has no knowledge of these rules. JCM, JFAR, and JAR have been integrated the Advanced Link Planning System (ALPS).



Time Slot Duty Factor Smartphone Application

TSDF SnapShot is a smartphone application that quickly and easily calculates Time Slot Duty Factor (TSDF). The app, which is based on our Improved TSDF Calculator (ITC) software was designed for Link 16 Network Planners, Network Designers, Network Managers, and Spectrum Managers, but can be used by anyone.