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Advanced Link Planning System

The Advanced Link Processing System (ALPS) is a next generation, AI enabled, multi-TDL planning application with the integrated functionality of ORCA and the Complete OPTASK Link Tool (COLT). ALPS is designed to completely change how users think about network planning and the OPTASK Link. Operators with minimal experience can easily plan complex multi-link coalition operations and generate a valid OPTASK Link quickly and without supervision, saving time, money, and manpower.

Supporting the Future: The future of TDL planning is more complex than ever. The functionality associated with MIDS BU2 and JTRS (Enhanced Throughput, Crypto Modernization, CMN-4, etc.), and Network Enabled Weapons require planners have more information and automation. A valid OPTASK Link is required for operational success. ALPS manages platform specific data and IERs to ensure the network supports operational requirements.

Key Features

  • Complete OPTASK Link Tool
  • Capabilities Management System
  • Information Exchange Requirements Management
  • Connectivity Analysis
  • Improved TSDF Calculator
  • Link 16 Spectrum Planning
  • Network Design Request Tool
  • Import / Modify OPTASK Links
  • Geographic Planning Tool
  • JCM / JFAR / JAR Message Support
  • ATO / ACO Message Support