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Complete OPTASK Link Tool

Everyone hates the OPTASK Link, including us. That’s why we developed COLT. Let’s face it, TDL operations are not possible without the OPTASK Link; but the formatting requirements make it cumbersome and unusable for most. COLT presents the OPTASK Link using “human speak” presented in a user tailorable format that makes sense. COLT also contains a validation engine that handles improperly formatted messages created by other systems.

COLT is designed to completely change how users think about the OPTASK Link. Operators will never again be required to interpret slashes, dashes, or unrecognizable codes and formats to make sense of the data in the OPTASK Link. With COLT, the OPTASK Link is easily usable by software applications and presented in a format that is meaningful to operational commanders and TDL operators alike.


The system core is the COLT OPTASK Link Engine (COLE). COLE contains the segment, set, field formats, and rules for every element of every version of the OPTASK Link (USMTF and NATO) and enables the following functions:

  • Import and parse existing OPTASK Link
  • View OPTASK Link data in a way that makes sense to users
  • Convert OPTASK Link into XML for ease of use by software applications
  • Edit existing OPTASK Link via the COLT user interface
  • Validate the OPTASK Link
  • Quickly correct OPTASK Link validation errors
  • Develop an OPTASK Link from scratch without the need for references

COLT "Smart-Parsing"

COLT "Smart-Parsing" doesn't just create ordered columns / rows of data, it interprets the data and converts it from useless machine-readable codes and abbreviations into an operator focused man-readable format designed by an experienced Joint Interface Control Officer (JICO). Users can hide unwanted sets and fields, and even create a tailored display to show the TDLs, sets, fields, and participants needed to provide a clean useful display.

XMLize OPTASK Link for Software Applications Use

COLT converts the OPTASK Link into XML for use by software applications that require TDL data (e.g. Network Management, Link 22 SNC, NATO ACCS, etc.). By adding COLT as a bolt-on application, companies can easily upgrade their software to use any version of the OPTASK Link. This data can be used for system initialization, or to enhance the current operational capabilities of a system to include the ability to interpret, edit, or draft the OPTASK Link at a minimal cost.

Validate and Correct OPTASK Link

Frequently an OPTASK Link generated by other systems will contain errors. Validation errors can prevent the OPTASK Link from being usable by software or deciphered by the user. COLT enables users to quickly and easily validate and correct OPTASK Link errors. COLT generates a validation report for any imported OPTASK Link and guides the user through the process of correcting errors with tutorials, or by using the COLT "Smart-Parse" user interface.