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Complete Network Design and Operational Request System

CONDOR has completely changed the way user’s think about Network Design. With innovative forward thinking Artificial Intelligence functionality, CONDOR supports a fully automated Network Design process. The integration of ORCA, PIER, CAT and other user-tailorable processes, the Network Designer imports an XML Network Design Request that generates basic and advanced Network Designs with the click of a button. This allows user’s with little experience to support the requirements of complex coalition Link 16 networks.

Fully Automated Link 16 Network Design

Link 16 Network Design is one of the most complex and technical skills in the TDL world. Link 16 Network Designers often train for years under instruction before mastering this skill. But what happens when a country doesn't have qualified Network Designers and doesn't have years to conduct their training? What happens when a country needs a network designed today?

CONDOR was designed to meet the unique requirements of new Link 16 nations and inexperienced Network Designers. Its operator-intuitive, configurable interface puts everything up front. There are no hidden windows or backdoor data entry areas. In fact, the display changes automatically when operator selects different data on the screen, showing the available data entry options for that selection. Moreover, CONDOR is the only Link 16 Network Design system that enables fully automatic Network Design functionality.

CONDOR enables the operator to create a validated Link 16 Network Design with the push of a button by reading the XML Network Design Request created by the system. CONDOR automatically interprets every value of the request in order to populate every variable of the connectivity matrix. Operators can then generate network load files, NETMAN T/1 INDE files, or manually modify the Network Design if necessary.

Key Features

  • Automatic Network Design Validation
  • Robust Capabilities and Limitations Database (ORCA)
  • Fully compatible with Advanced Link Planning System (ALPS)
  • Automatic TSDF Calculations and FCA Conformance Indicator
  • Validate the OPTASK Link
  • Automatically generates Network Design from Network Design Request
  • Translates Information Exchange Requirements into Network Design Files