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Link 16 "Crash-Courses"

Do you already have a good understanding of Link 16? Do you want to learn about the latest Link 16 upgrades, but don’t want to take a long course to gain a little knowledge? Try a Link 16 “Crash-Course”. Link 16 “Crash-Courses” are designed to upskill those with previous Link 16 experience without revisiting foundation-level topics. “Crash-Courses” are one-day or less and cover new Link 16 capabilities as well as giving a snapshot into more complex topics (e.g., Network Design).

"Crash-Course" Topics

  • Introduction to MIDS Baseline Upgrade-2
  • Understanding Link 16 Enhanced Throughput
  • Concurrent Multi-Netting / Concurrent Contention Receive
  • Network Enabled Weapons (short-course)
  • Network Enabled Weapons (complete)
  • Joint Range Extension Applications Protocol (short course)
  • Joint Range Extension Applications Protocol (complete)
  • FIM/FOM, BIM/BOM, and MIDS/JTRS Platform Types
  • Introduction to Network Planning (Specialty Course)
  • Introduction to Network Design (Specialty Course)

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