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Pre-Recorded Training Courses

Working from home or in a flexible-hours environment requires a unique training solution. Our pre-recorded training courses are available 24/7/365. Our most popular courses have been recorded in HD and are available on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart-phone via our web-based training platform, allowing you to train from home, the office, on a bus, train, or plane. Courses can be taken in a few hours, or over a few weeks to suit your schedule. All students receive an electronic training package and one-year of follow-on instructor support. If live training is preferred, have a look at our other training options.

"Crash-Course" Topics

  • Introduction to MIDS Baseline Upgrade-2
  • Understanding Link 16 Enhanced Throughput
  • Concurrent Multi-Netting / Concurrent Contention Receive
  • Network Enabled Weapons (short-course)
  • Network Enabled Weapons (complete)
  • Joint Range Extension Applications Protocol (short course)
  • Joint Range Extension Applications Protocol (complete)
  • FIM/FOM, BIM/BOM, and MIDS/JTRS Platform Types
  • Introduction to Network Planning (Specialty Course)
  • Introduction to Network Design (Specialty Course)

Course Titles

  • Link 16 Executive
  • Link 16 Intermediate
  • Link 16 Advanced
  • Link 16 Operations
  • Link 16 for Engineers
  • Link 16 System Integration
  • Link 16 Spectrum Management
  • Link 16 Network Enabled Weapons Intermediate
  • Link 16 Network Enabled Weapons Advanced
  • MIDS Baseline Upgrade-2 and JTRS CMN-4
  • Joint Range Extension Applications Protocol

Training Subscription Packages

Subscription Packages are a more efficient and cost effective way to access training. A “Corporate Subscription” for Link 16 Training enables defense companies and organizations to access our high-quality Link 16 Webinars on demand. Package subscribers have unlimited access to complete training courses, abbreviated “Crash-Courses”, and individual training modules that cover everything from foundation to complex system integration training. Our site contains 10 Link 16 Training Courses, 10 “Crash-Courses”, and more than 200 individual training modules. If a subscription is not required, any number of “Training Credits” can be purchased according to the amount of training required. “Training Credits” can be purchased individually, or in packages. Three levels of training packages are available: Silver, Gold, Platinum.

24/7/365 Availability
Unlimited Technical Support
Unlimited Instructor Support

For more information, to include a full course description and agenda, please use the Course Enquiry form below.